California man goes to prison for drugs

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A Riverside County Superior Court judge sentenced a 31-year-old Temecula man to two years in state prison on January 3 after being accused of drug dealing by area police. A second individual, a 49-year-old Temecula man, was also sentenced to three years of felony probation after pleading guilty to in September to a related drug possession offense.

According to information released by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, local law enforcement began conducting covert surveillance operations at the 31-year-old Temecula man’s home after receiving a narcotics tip in April 2018. The narcotics tip purportedly contained information alleging that illegal drugs were being sold at the residence located on Kaffirboom Court. Investigators then claim that they witnessed the 49-year-old Temecula man arrive at the home with some other individuals on May 4, 2018, and enter the residence.

The individuals then allegedly left the property in the 49-year-old’s car with what investigators claim appeared to be illegal contraband. When deputies pulled the vehicle over, they purportedly discovered an unverified quantity of cocaine inside. Investigators subsequently obtained a search warrant for the 31-year-old man’s property and allegedly found additional amounts of illegal drugs inside. Deputies took both men into custody on drug-related charges. Court records show the 31-year-old man had several previous drug-related convictions while the 49-year-old had a prior unknown felony conviction.

Illegal drug crimes in California often result in serious penalties, such as probation or jail time. This is especially true for offenses involving the sale, manufacture or distribution of illegal drugs. However, people facing drug crime charges may benefit from the help of an attorney. A lawyer may be able to negotiate a plea deal with prosecutors for a lesser charge or a more lenient sentence, such as probation.

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