Do you know the most common examples of elderly abuse?

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You recently had to put your elderly mother or father in a California nursing home, or perhaps you hired a home health aide to help your aging loved one with everyday tasks. Either way, you may worry about elder abuse. International can help educate you on the various types of elder abuse. Help yourself, and your mother or father, remain in good hands.

Emotional abuse

Intimidation, yelling, scapegoating and humiliation are all examples of the types of emotional abuse the elderly may suffer. Additionally, they can be intentionally isolated or ignored. The effects of such abuse can lead to psychological anguish.

Physical abuse

Sometimes, the trusted caretakers of the elderly can subject them to physical abuse. Physically striking and pushing are two of the most obvious examples of this type of abuse, but caretakers may also drug or tie-down their charges.

Sexual abuse

Sadly, the elderly are not immune from sexual abuse from their caretakers. Examples including making the person watch sexual acts, undressing without consent and physical acts of sex.

Financial exploitation

Some caregivers can financially exploit their elderly patients. Examples include identity theft, misuse of personal funds, forging someone’s signature and stealing from the senior citizen’s home or bank account. It is not unusual to hear of caregivers working with other criminals to scam the elderly.

Elder neglect

Not all caretakers do a great job of fulfilling their duties. When they do not, they may find themselves accused of neglect. When it comes to this type of elderly abuse, it can either be intentional or unintentional.

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.

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