Elder abuse and emotional trauma

Chuck Smith Attorney at Law

There are many consequences that victims of elder abuse may experience, whether they suffer from a financial point of view or they sustain serious physical injuries that threaten their health. However, the emotional side of elder abuse cannot be overlooked, and many victims have suffered considerably in this regard. Some may struggle with depression, while others may feel angry about what they have been through or become weighed down by anxiety and panic attacks. If elder abuse has impacted you or a loved one, it is important to be aware of the emotional toll of this mistreatment, especially if you decide to pursue legal action.

Sometimes, people are caught off-guard when elder abuse occurs. For example, those staying in a nursing home (and their family members) often expect to be taken care of and never imagine that abuse will occur. However, these facilities can be hotspots for abuse, including mistreatment that is physical, verbal, financial or sexual in nature. Those who have been through elder abuse may feel hopeless and powerless to do anything about it. However, it is critical for them to speak out, and they may be able to stand up for their rights by filing a lawsuit.

Emotional trauma can eat away at one’s happiness and quality of life. It can take many forms and disrupt various facets of life, from sleep to one’s ability to enjoy time with family members. We know how devastating elder abuse can be and we believe that anyone who has been abused in a nursing home or any other environment should take a stand.

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