Murder suspect arrested after $3 crime

Chuck Smith Attorney at Law

The suspect in a 2012 California murder has been arrested in Utah after years of searching for him. Unlike other cold-case arrests that have been linked to advanced scientific technologies like genetic genealogy and other DNA techniques, this case involved relatively straightforward police work. The man had been on the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office “most wanted” list until he was found in Utah, where he was living under an assumed name.

Since being arrested by police in Utah, the man has been awaiting extradition to California, where he will face murder charges. He is accused of killing a 29-year-old man whose body was discovered in the suspect’s home in May 2012. After living on the run from police for almost nine years, the man was arrested after he made a $3 purchase with a stolen credit card, according to local media in Utah. The victim of the credit card theft reported the case to police, noting that he believed his card had been stolen by one of the men hired to help him with a recent move. When examining the documentation provided by the movers, one police officer identified an ID that appeared to be fake. Police later discovered that the man was actually wanted in California for murder.

He had used an immigration card to identify himself, despite being a U.S. citizen. Federal immigration authorities joined police in arresting the man after they verified that the documents were actually forgeries.

No matter the circumstances, people who are facing charges for murder, manslaughter or other violent crimes are allowed to present a legal defense. A criminal defense lawyer can help a client defend their rights and present a counter-narrative to the story provided by the police and prosecution.

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