The lifelong effects of a criminal record

Chuck Smith Attorney at Law

The punishment for a criminal charge in California does not include only what the judge hands down during sentencing. The lasting consequences of a criminal conviction can cause you problems long after you have served your time. In fact, it may not only affect you but also your family.

Lasting consequences are not something you may think of at the time you are facing the charges. You may worry more about the immediate issues and possible penalties. However, not being aware of what could happen to you in addition to the sentence from the judge is a mistake.

Employment effects

One of the first likely issues you will run across is trying to find a job post-conviction, according to The Atlantic. The large majority of employers, especially those who pay more than minimum wage, will conduct a background check. While employers cannot put a blanket ban on anyone with a criminal record, the chances are good that if you have a felony charge, the employer will not hire you because it may imply you are a risk to the business or other employers.

Housing troubles

Another area where you will probably notice issues fairly early after a conviction is when it comes to housing. It is impossible to get any type of government housing assistance if you have a felony. Plus, many private landlords conduct background checks. So, one way or another, you may end up not receiving approval for a rental unit because of your criminal history.

Other consequences

Beyond employment and housing, you will probably feel the impact in other areas of your life. Some convictions will prevent you from getting any type of government assistance, including financial aid to go to college. You may also find all the associated costs of your conviction have put you into debt that is very difficult to get out of. There are many other smaller ways your criminal conviction may impact your life going forward as well.

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