White-collar criminal charges stay alive online

Chuck Smith Attorney at Law

Whether the court finds you not guilty or you end up having to serve a sentence for a white-collar crime, the chances are that once everything is over, you will face challenges trying to get your life back to normal. You probably assumed already that finding employment would be difficult, and that is true. However, it does not help that the internet becomes a lasting source that allows anyone to find out about your past in seconds.

According to Science Daily, the effects of information on the internet can have a great impact on how you rebuild after a white-collar crime charge or conviction. There are a couple of reasons why the internet will be so damaging to your ability to move on and rebuild your life.

Untrue information

One issue is that a lot of information that sources publish online is incorrect. Errors run rampant in reporting, and while a news source may retract false information, they do not always fix old stories. They may issue a new story, but that old story remains online and available. If people read something from a news source, they typically believe it. They do not often do their own research to ensure what they read is true. Having this incorrect or false information available forever online can be incredibly detrimental to your ability to move forward because people will continue to think it is the truth.

Easy access

The information on the internet is very easy to access. Anyone can enter your name into a search engine and get pages of results showing every news story or anything written about you and your criminal case. Once your case is over, this information does not go away. It remains there forever, which means that decades in the future, someone can find it and use it against you to deny you a job or otherwise justify their actions against you.

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