How to prevent car break ins?

Chuck Smith Attorney at Law

Going to your car in the morning to see a window smashed in or a door hanging open and finding someone went through your vehicle and possibly stole something is very disheartening. When the weather is nice in California, car break-ins seem to happen often. A car if easy prey since you probably do always not watch it . It can be easy to become a victim of this crime, but you do not have to become one.

Firestone Complete Auto Care explains you can protect your car against break-ins by doing a few simple things. A great way to stop someone from scoping out your vehicle is to hide anything that is valuable or remove it from your vehicle completely. Do not leave anything that could make a thief think there is something worth breaking in to get.

It is also important to lock your vehicle. Sometimes people leave their vehicle unlocked because they want to avoid having a window broken or a door damaged by someone trying to get in. However, most often if they see the door is locked, they will move on. Unlocked cars are easy, which is what they want.

Another great tip is to park in a well-lit area. If your driveway does not have good lighting, consider installing some. Motion lights work great. If you have to park on the street or in a parking lot, try to park under a light. A thief does not want anyone to see him or her, so if your car is lit up, it is not going to be what he or she wants. This information is for education and is not legal advice.

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