Property crime prevention is possible

Chuck Smith Attorney at Law

In the US, property crime refers to the destruction of property sans force against a victim. In terms of property crime, theft is the most common. According to Statista, there were over five million cases in 2017 alone. To protect against property crime and vandalism in California, property owners have to take specific precautions.

Property crime can occur anywhere. It can occur to businesses, to homes and to vehicles. According to the Balance, vandals are more likely to strike in the hours of the late evening. Often, the most vulnerable property is the property that is easiest to access.

To prevent property crime, owners may want to keep the premises tidy. In addition, keep the property lit up. Properties that have little to no lighting at night are more vulnerable because criminals can stay under cover. There is less likelihood of someone spotting them in the dark. Alongside of the lighting, it may help to install cameras. Cameras are always a deterrent to criminals. If something does happen to a person’s property, then at least he or she has evidence to hand to the police.

If something does happen to a person’s property, one of the biggest mistakes that he or she can make is to ignore it. Sometimes, a person will leave vandalism, particularly if it happens more than once. However, to leave the evidence there only says that the owner cares little about the property and will likely attract criminals again.

Homes and businesses can also look out for one another. When property crime occurs, report it and share information. This can help to establish patterns that catch the culprit.

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